Tuesday 9 October 2012

openBIM COBie Trial

A few months ago we met with the openBIM Network and they informed us that seven or eight tier-one contractors were interested in testing the UK market's ability with respect to generating COBie information. In particular, they wanted to know whether IFC could possibly help out with this process.

After agreeing the scope, the openBIM Network were happy to then let our NBS Market Research team run the trial.

An introduction to the trial is at the web article below:

The illustration below shows the work flow that was tested. As I tweeted earlier today - many thanks again to @davewlight and @CaraDiPierro for the original model that was used throughout the test. It has been truly fascinating to see how you can start in one design package ( in this case Autodesk Revit) and then through IFC take this information into so many other packages (ArchiCAD, Vectorworks, Solibri etc...).
From design package -> to IFC -> to COBie datasets
Keep an eye out on this blog and theNBS.com/BIM for more information. I will also be at the ICE BIM conference and will cover some of this in my presentation.

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