Saturday 2 February 2013


I am not really one for the #FF messages on Twitter each week - I think it is an impossible task to mention everyone
 ...and then this Friday the BDOnline BDTwitter100 2013 nominations opened. Which Twitter folk would you like to nominate from the architectural community. "Oh No!" more pressure on having to pick people.

Well I thought the only fair way to do this was to thank the people active on Twitter who have supported NBS over the last 12 months either by (1) taking the time to provide articles for our BIM Hub or (2) taking the time to speak at conferences we helped run.

So I am nominating the following...
BDTwitter100 - How many do you follow?
See if you can match the faces and the names to the twitter handles below...


and of course not forgetting the official NBS twitter handle - theNBS

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