Monday 25 February 2013

BDTwitter100 - Top Ten BIM Tweeters

As a child I dreamed of being considered for a FIFA footballer of the year award or maybe if I didn't make it as a footballer, then perhaps being short-listed for an NME award....

...but never in my wildest dreams did I ever consider I'd be listed in the BDOnline Top Ten BIM Tweeters in the UK Construction Industry!

In all seriousness though, delighted to be in such fantastic company as the other nine tweeters mentioned. We have:

If you are not on Twitter then it's definitely worth signing up.

If you are on Twitter - and interested in BIM/the role of technology in the construction industry - then you could do a lot worse than follow the nine tweeters above...

...or name your first born Rob. :)


Update (26/2) - Some thoughts from Twitter...

...and a reminder of a Not The Nine O'Clock News sketch from @DMA_Architects

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  1. Nominated by your peers Stephen - that's the best bit :-)