Sunday 3 February 2013

BIM Show Live - Proposal Submitted

I've gone for a 15 minutes technology presentation slot at this years BIM Show Live 2013. Hopefully it will be accepted, it will be nice to demo live software as opposed to present Powerpoint slide after Powerpoint slide.

Ian Chapman the NBS Head of Specification and buildingSMART UK director will be putting a proposal in for the main classrooms.

Anyway, my proposal was as follows...

Stephen will start with a concept building design in a BIM authoring package and show how an outline specification can be automatically be generated from this. The central BIM and specification model will stay coordinated as modifications are made to both. Finally this data will come together using IFC data standards and be viewed using the COBie data schema. Software from at least three vendors will be used.

This work flow will revolutionise the way that construction projects are being delivered in the UK today. It is unique at an international level.

Microsoft Powerpoint will not be used. In fact Microsoft Powerpoint will be removed from Stephen’s machine before the session. All demonstrations will be of live software, much of it written by the R&D team at NBS here in the UK.

Speaker Biography
Stephen first started working on NBS products in 1999 and has played a big part in the developments of products such as NBS Building, NBS Create and the National BIM Library. He has a particular interest in Building Information Modelling and has been one of those who had led the work at NBS changing specification data from "words on a page" to "intelligent objects describing the building". Prior to joining NBS, Stephen studied at Durham University. His first degree was in Structural Engineering followed by a PhD in the digital modelling of building structures.

Three learning objectives for class:
1. Learn how BIM can be more than just geometry and how it can allow information on a project to be modelled and coordinated
2. Learn about IFC generation and its relationship to the UK Government’s COBie 2012 requirements
3. Learn how specification is now a modelled process and no longer simply the generation of a paper document

Demonstration style:
Live software presentation – no sales banter – knowledgeable, succinct, straight to the point, dynamic and lively.

Target audience:
Technology geeks will be intrigued – but chief executives will also immediately “get it”.

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