Monday 1 April 2013

BIM - Specialist Signage Objects

This post went live on April 1st. The same day the following stories hit the news:

Existing signage in NBL
Some of the objects in National BIM Library that receive the best user feedback are the signage systems.
The signage is all designed for UK construction best practice and has oversized graphics in plan-view to help with fire and safety plans.

Today, we are delighted to extend the scope of our signage objects to cover a wider scope of building sectors. These new specialist signage systems cover jobs that could be described as a little more niche. So, maybe not as commonly required, but arguably just as important.

The first range of specialist signage I cover in this blog post is the signage for zoos and animal complexes (CO-40-9-55 Long Term Residential Animal Complexes in new Uniclass 2).

The screenshots below give just a sample of some of the fantastic signage we have for a wide range of animal enclosures.
Enclosure warning signage for lions and other dangerous mammals
Signage to warn against fierce birds
There is a huge gap in the BIM market for extremely useful warning signs for niche projects
The above signs are just the tip of the iceberg of what is in this batch of content. Signs for other sectors include:
Clear access and behavioural notification signage for the special interest vacation sector
High voltage warning and fixed penalty charge signage with parametric currency options
And finally miscellaneous signage that may be used in any construction sector:
Crucial safety signage that can be used in any location
So do not delay. Download all of these signs now in all BIM vendor formats.

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