Sunday 28 April 2013

NBS and BIM Show Live 2013

If you are attending BIM Show Live 2013 then please come and see NBS at our stand P15 located in the Software Lounge. If you are interested in BIM and specification, want to see a demonstration of NBS Create or National BIM Library then please come and say hello.

BIM Show Live 2013
On the Monday, Pantelis Ioanndis and Stefan Mordue will join me on the stand. Pantelis is an Architect who delivers expert training in NBS Create and also BIM. Stefan is also an Architect who works as Technical Author at NBS writing content for NBS Building, Create and National BIM Library. Stefan is a member of the BIM Task Group's BIM2050 group and has a particular interest in BIM and Health and Safety.

NBS colleagues at BIM Show Live
On the Tuesday I will be doing a live demonstration of NBS Create and National BIM Library content on the Technology Stage. I'll show how you can take a design model, link it to a specification model, generate a single combined IFC model and then finish with a COBie dataset. All in 15 minutes. I will do it all as a live software demonstration too - so I promise no Powerpoint slides (not sure I can promise "no blue screens of death" - but that's what keeps things interesting :)).

So - date for the diary - Day Two - 1st May - 12:30 Technical Stage
Specification content from NBS Create in IFC form
Also on the Tuesday Ian Chapman will join me and Pantellis. Ian is an Engineer who heads our Technical Team. Ian is also a buildingSMART UK director so he's perfect for any questions about IFC and the buildingSMART Data Dictionary.

Ian is also leading out the creation of hundreds of generic MEP objects for the National BIM Library. This work has started now - Ian may be able to give you a sneak preview of this and even invite you onto our steering group if you are interested.
National BIM Library - Next step on the journey - generic MEP objects
Finally, Drew Wiggett is not able to attend this year. Little Drew is due to be born any day now :) Level 4 data drop on the way.


  1. Hi Stephen, I'm a big fan of this blog. Its definitely one of the best sources of UK BIM info on the web.

    Just wondering if you could confirm that the MEP objects will be released in IFC format with intelligent connectors, and not just in RFA format?

    Also, I don't know whether you're aware of it, but there's a draft specification for IFC product libraries. It would be great if the NBL's objects would eventually conform to it. You can see it here:

  2. Tim,

    Leading the work is Ian Chapman who is a director of Building SMART UK. IFC is right at the forefront of our BIM vision.

    Please contact Ian at @IanChapmanNBS or on linkedin and maybe we could have a catch up and share our plans a bit more?


    1. I'm not actually part of the people who created that draft document, I was just sharing it with you so you'd be best contacting them for more info on the IFC product libraries.