Sunday 28 April 2013

The CIC Growth through BIM Report

The Growth through BIM Report authored by Richard Saxon CBE was published by CIC last week. This
Richard Saxon - CBE
was a UK Government (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills) funded report to report on how best to turn the UK BIM Strategy into economic growth in the home and export markets.

To me, this report seems like a more in-depth look into the subjects covered in the end of year BIM Pipeline for Growth report.

Having someone of the calibre of Richard Saxon CBE writing the report gives a huge amount of weight to the subject. Richard has been chair of BDP, president of BCO, Vice President for Practice at RIBA and is now “BIM Ambassador for Growth” for UK Government.
CIC BIM Report

So a pretty good CV :)

Reading through the report, there are two very loud and clear messages.

  1. Through BIM we can provide better quality construction more efficiently at home.
  2. Through BIM we can be a big exporter of professional services abroad.

Usually, as a nation, we are very modest. But there is a certain strong confidence about this report that is good to see. As mean of an overview, I include a number of screen grabs below.

UK in a BIM world leadership position

Export of professional service opportunities as the world develops

When it comes to exporting professional services - UK is already second in the world

The need for UK manufacturers to embrace and lead with BIM

Not just cheaper construction through BIM - but greener construction

How we'd love to win the first "Digital Built Britain" award this year with NBS Create

BIM and offsite manufacture going hand-in-hand

Richard Saxon's 10 secrets to success

Recognition that an open data mandate from the Government is helping stimulate innovation in the market 

Standards will help everyone and and the finalisation of Uniclass 2 is key to this
I've never seen this research, but great to see the NBS offerings getting fantastic usage well within a year of launch
Finally, the report starts with a quote that is over one hundred years old. Quite a good one...
"Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations we can perform without thinking about them" - Alfred North Whitehead 

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  1. That's certainly a big project. What general public is concerned about is that they provide better quality construction at home.

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