Tuesday 21 April 2015

NBS National BIM Report 2015

Last week we published our free-to-download UK BIM Report that looks into the adoption trends and attitudes in the UK.

There were some interesting findings, my take on two or three of them are below:
  1. The BIM adoption rate appears to have stalled
    My take on this is that in previous surveys respondents have maybe over-stated their organisation's capabilities. An understanding is growing that BIM is not just 3D CAD and clash detection but is following a collaborative process for managing digital information (documents, geometry and structured information). This new understanding is also becoming apparent in the question around what level of BIM (3?) organisations can perform at.
  2. The Government 2011 strategy is correct and supported by industry
    In an era where many Government initiatives are criticised - the strategy that was developed by the likes of Morrell and Bew back in 2009 and published in 2011 looks to be fully supported by industry still. Six or seven years following its inception - a remarkable achievement and still world-leading in thought.
  3. The Government Construction 2025 objectives may be enabled by BIM
    ...well some of them at least. The UK industry believes that BIM will be an enabler to lower costs and deliver faster. They are more sceptical on whether it can help produce lower emissions and help the UK improve exports.
Can BIM help enable any of these by 2025?
In addition to all of the stats and the insight - there are a number of super articles including:
  • LOD and LOI explained by Alistair Kell BDP and Stefan Mordue NBS
  • Level-2 BIM explained by Rob Manning UK Government BIM Task Group
  • Verification of models by Prof Steve Lockley BIM Academy
  • Standardisation of BIM objects by Ian Chapman NBS
  • The Construction Institutions and their thoughts on level-2 BIM - eight of the leading institution voices
So - it's our fifth annual report and one that we are again very pleased to put out there for industry to read and comment on. Download it now:

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