Sunday 12 April 2015

BIM Toolkit launched at BIM Show Live

The NBS BIM Toolkit is now live.
The BIM Show Live launch presentation saw Dave Philp from the UK Government's BIM Task Group look at their journey since 2011 and reflect on progress and achievements. I then gave an overview of how the Toolkit fits into the level-2 workflow. Finally, Prof Steve Lockley, looked at the verification functionality.
Strategy, Toolkit and Verification
Presenting to over 400 delegates on the main stage
To go through the slides from Philp, Hamil and Lockley - please see the Slideshare presentation:

Update - The YouTube video of the presentation is now on-line too...


Over the two days, the NBS exhibition stand always had plenty of interest. The main buzz was about the Toolkit, but many also wanting to see how NBS Create and NBS National BIM Library could help those working on BIM projects.
Someone from NBS demonstrated to a small crowd at every break
Although it was busy at BIM Show Live - it was nothing compared to what it was like back at NBS HQ in Newcastle with the team working around the clock for the two days leading up to launch ensuring the beta website was as robust as possible and the deployment onto the live servers was stable. An enormous 'thank-you' must go out to the project team for all of their fantastic work - both within NBS and also to the wider team.
...and back at the office some of the team who did a lot of the hard work made sure things were going smootly
So what about the concepts behind the Toolkit?

As part of the website, there is a Technical Support section that has a number of articles looking into the concepts behind this. A few screen-grabs from these articles are below:

1. Rob Manning - Level-2 BIM
Rob led this project from a UK Government's BIM Task Group point of view. This article explains what level-2 BIM is. Supporting comment are also provided from Mark Bew (BIM Task Group Head) and Rick Holland (Innovate UK).

The level-2 PAS1192-2 Wheel
2. Richard Watson - Employer's Information Requirements
Richard is the exec director who was the Project Sponsor for BIM Toolkit - an architect and also Chief Informaton Officer for RIBA Enterprises. This article looks at the subject of EIRs and how the toolkit can support client needs. Supporting comments are also provided from Terry Stocks (MofJ) and Peter Barker (BIM consultant)
Align tasks and deliverables to stages of a dpow and assign responsibility
3. Alistair Kell and Stefan Mordue - LOD and LOI
Alistair, Director of Information, at BDP and Stefan Mordue architect and NBS Business Consultant look at the subject of levels of definition. NBS has released hundreds of sets of LOD reference guides and thousands of LOI templates as part of the BIM Toolkit.
Information growing through the project timeline
4. Sarah Delany - Classification
Sarah was the the secretary of CPIC for many years. An engineer and technical author at NBS, she led the classification work over the project. What is the difference between an entity, an element, a system and a product? Find out here...
Classifying digital representations of the physical
5. Prof Steve Lockley - Verification
Steve leads the research team at BIM Academy that specialises in open BIM and working with IFC data files. In this article Steve discusses how well-structured digital data can be verified.
The verification circle
6. Alan Smith - Tools for software developers
Finally, for those with software development skills, Alan Smith from NBS provides an introduction to those wanting to work with the data from within the BIM Toolkit.
Interactive view of the information
...and finally, it's always good to read what others are saying about a project. For some early views on the BIM Toolkit, please see:

1. The reaction from CIOB's BIM+ magazine
2. Blog post from Casey Rutland
So a fantastic BIM Show Live this year in 2015. Great to pick up the award for the Best BIM Innovation too. My colleague Alan Murray who led the technical content development for infrastructure is photographed below with this award...
BIM Show Live 2015 - BIM Innovation Award

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