Saturday 11 April 2015

New mini-website launched for the NBS BIM Object Standard

At BIM Show Live this week, Drew Wiggett, Chris Vickers and Ian Chapman from NBS all presented the latest developments around the NBS BIM Object Standard. This resource for all has been short-listed in the BIM category at the upcoming Building Awards. 

This is a standard that may be used for free by any organisation that authors BIM objects with the aim of setting a level of quality across the industry. The new mini-website went live last week and this now includes pages and pages of useful technical guidance. 

This blog post looks at some of the clauses in the standard and their associated guidance. Early feedback from the industry on the standard are good. In addition, we are starting to see more and more design and construction organisations using it and also manufacturers either adopting it when authoring their own objects or asking others to author for them.

The standard contains five main sections.
  1. General requirements
  2. Information requirements
  3. Geometry requirements
  4. Functional requirements
  5. Metadata requirements
Each section has numbered clauses and uses consistent terminology. When the user hovers over a term a definition pops up in a tooltip. There is also a "G" icon which can be clicked on to display the guidance. Examples of these from each section are below...
Example of the definitions of each term (highlighted with dotted underline)

Technical guidance giving commentary and examples of what to do and what not to do

Suggestions on how to model space data associated with an object
Practical recommendations on file sizes and host objects
Sensible rules on file naming - without trying to duplicate information that exists within the property values
 A very well researched piece of work that references international and national standards
Terms and definitions that are consistently used throughout
It will be great to see the whole industry get behind this standard and allow a level-of-quality to be set for all those creating or asking for BIM objects.

Check out the mini-website now...

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