Tuesday, 9 April 2013

BIM Task Group - Cookham Wood - Lessons Learned

The BIM Task Group have published their experiences so far from their "early adopter project" Cookham Wood
3D visualisation of the design
There are 34 published lessons learned and corresponding actions. These are split into the pre-tender and post-tender periods.

A number of the lessons and actions clearly call for the work around client information requirements, defined objects and levels of information through the digital plan of work. This is no surprise as this formed the bulk of the work so far in the "BIM Task Group Labs" area of the website launched earlier this year.

The lessons learned document is well worth a read. It will also be fascinating to see how this develops as the constructed building is documented into COBie drop 4 (hand over). Contract completion is estimated at November this year.

Some selected lessons and actions below...

A. The need for library objects
This is one of the key requirements of BIM. Use well-structured, consistent, library objects - tailor them to your needs - and then keep on putting previous project knowledge back into this library of information.

B. The need for better linkage between graphical model and specification
This has been the main subject I have blogged about over the last three or four years. But to get the full benefit of BIM - all of the documentation must be coordinated through federated models. Or at least 2D information (PDFs) must be linked to the graphical model. If BIM is about (a) generating 2D drawings, (b) selected schedules and (c) some clash detection - the full benefits are not being realised. It will be interesting to watch this particular item as the project progresses through construction to handover.
Extract from original NBS in 1973
For more information on how specifications can be integrated into the BIM process see:

C. The need for clarity on level of detail
This is the BIM Task Group labs work as mentioned earlier:
D. Honesty as to where BIM currently is at
All of the presentations you see on BIM talk about the "circle of BIM" and how the information seamlessly flows from client brief through the project to the end. The reality is that the real world is not quite like this... yet.
E. The need for better software around the COBie data schema
There has been some good progress in the last twelve months here. However, still more must be done. Check out some progress statements from the main BIM software vendors:

So, all very interesting stuff. Credit once again for the BIM Task Group for sharing this and putting this stuff live for everyone to see.

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