Wednesday 16 May 2012

BIM Overlay to the RIBA Outline Plan of Work

The BIM Overlay to the RIBA Plan of Work is now live and may be downloaded for free at

It is edited by Dale Sinclair the owner of Dyer, Dale was previously an associate director at BDP.

The forward from Angela Brady concludes...
"I hope that this publication will help practitioners to cut through some of both the current hype and anxiety about BIM by offering some basic best practice principles, and that it will help to make the business case for investing in the training, hardware and software needed to make full and effective use of the BIM approach. BIM offers a unique opportunity; let’s go for it!"

In Dale's introduction he talks about the need for more support to construction professionals on BIM and publications such as this BIM Overlay is one way that RIBA are supporting their members...
"This document also forms part of the response from the construction industry, and in particular the RIBA, to the
Government’s commitment to have all its projects utilising BIM from the summer of 2012. Needless to say, as a result of this stated intention and the release of other key government documents there has been a growing interest in the subject, and whilst enhanced levels of BIM have successfully been used on a number of completed projects, for many designers the subject is relatively new. This increased interest has resulted in various papers, discussions and conferences on the subject, and although opinions on certain subjects are converging, there is a wide ranging set of views on others."

There is a good section defining BIM and also a section going through terminology. Finally the overlay itself has highlighted items for both BIM and sustainability with a commentary. It is all done with the government's data drop work flow in mind. So definitely worth a download and a good read!

The BIM Overlay follows the recently released Green Overlay freely downloadable also from:

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