Wednesday 16 May 2012

NBS Create - Office Masters

The first of three blog posts looking at some of the new functionality that is coming very soon to NBS Create users. NBS Create is the revolutionary new specification product from NBS.

As usual, lots of screen-shots, with a little commentary below. Click any of the images to see larger versions in a slide-show.
Fig 1 - Create an office master clause
Fig 2 - Complete the clause as you wish it to be used on future jobs
Fig 3 - Create multiple clause relationships
Fig 4 - The office master clause will appear in the right context within a project now
Fig 5 - Office master guidance is presented to the user as the clause is made project-specific
Fig 6 - A very quick way to create robust, concise project specifications
For information on how to update office masters and feed this information back into the project specifications please see:
- NBS Create - Updating your content
And for a little on the permissions model please see:
- NBS Create - Permissions

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