Wednesday 16 May 2012

NBS Create - Updating Your Content

The second of three blog posts looking at some of the new functionality that is coming very soon to NBS Create users. NBS Create is the revolutionary new specification product from NBS.

This post should be read in the context of the other posts - NBS Create - Office Masters and NBS Create - Permissions.

As usual, lots of screen-shots, with a little commentary below. Click any of the images to see larger versions in a slide-show.
Fig 1 - The user is amending an office master clause
Fig 2 - As this clause is currently being used in a job - the user is alerted
Fig 3 - The user may generate a report to see an overview of update actions in a job 
Fig 4 - The user is guided through the individual clause items that require attention
Fig 5 - Practice guidance may be added to give the end user more assistance on whether to accept or reject amends
Update - 17/05 - I received an email asking if the update mechanism was the same when NBS updates the national-level content.

The answer is "yes". In fact it's a bit better because the the NBS updates come with a consistent commentary that explains what precisely has changed and why.
Fig 6 - The NBS Guidance has a link at the top where all recent updates are documented
Fig 7 - The modified clause item is highlighted and an update commentary is clearly presented
Fig 7 - After one quick click, the specification or office master has been brought up to date

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