Tuesday 8 May 2012

National BIM Library - Manufacturer Content

We are now putting in place the structure of the nationalBIMlibrary.com website to support manufacturer content as well as generic. As with the generic content, this will be in multiple file formats and will be completely free to download and use.

If you are a manufacturer and are interested in getting your content on nationalBIMlibrary.com then please register your interest at our RIBA Insight website.

Please select any of the images below to view in a slideshow.
Fig 1 - As well as being able to browse by content type, it will be possible to browse by manufacturer
Each manufacturer on the National BIM Library will have a dedicated page. The screenshot below shows how users can filter the content within a specific manufacturers' range.
Fig 2 - Within a manufacturer overview page it will be possible to filter by object type 
Once a specific BIM object is chosen then details about this will be presented. The user may select to download this object in the format of their choice. Over and above this, the user may select to view associated literature from ribaproductselector.com (catalogues, installation, maintenance manuals), associated CPD or product specification clauses.

The benefits to the user is that they have all of the information about a particular object at their finger-tips and with the BIM object as the central focal point.
Fig 3 - Manufacturer objects may be downloaded and additional information such as literature, CPD and specification clauses will also be available.
When searching the National BIM Library, generic and proprietary content will be presented side-by-side. As shown below, the user may filter these search results to display the objects they wish.
Fig 4 - When searching for content, generic and proprietary content will be presented in the search results
Finally, through the RIBA Insight service, all manufacturers have the opportunity to position their products in front of architects, engineers and contractors in a number of different ways. The screenshot below shows a manufacturers case studies, downloads, CPD, product specifications and BIM objects all being promoted from within ribaproductselector.com.
Fig 5 - Within other RIBA Enterprises websites such as ribaproductselector.com, the BIM content will be promoted.

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