Sunday 18 November 2012

Autodesk BIM Conference 2012

NBS are exhibiting at the Autodesk BIM Conference tomorrow. If you are attending, please come over and say "hello". Adrian Giles - Key Account Manager, Drew Wiggett - Product Information Manager and myself will be at the NBS stand.
We can show you what NBS offerings that work as part of the BIM process are in the market now and we can also present some of our developments that will be being released in 2013.

1. In the market now
  • NBS Create - the first specification system world-wide that is truly object-orientated. For those that are not attending the conference - check out the getting started videos.
  • National BIM Library - A free-to-use resource of BIM objects for UK construction practice. Generic concept objects, generic detailed objects and now also with manufacturer objects. - these objects are also easily downloadable from within NBS Create giving greater integration between specification and the BIM process.
  • NBS for Autodesk Revit - Presuming that most of those at the conference tomorrow will be Autodesk customers - the completely free plug-in for Revit should be of interest - this links specification clauses with BIM objects in addition to a number of other features helping with coordinated project information:
2. Previews
Many of those at the conference will know about the above. But please still come over for a chat - we can show you some of the stuff that is in development.
  • NBS Create - The latest release has just gone live. See my five blog posts [1], [2], [3], [4], [5] covering the new functionality. I'd love the chance to demo some of this tomorrow to delegates that come to our stand.
  • National BIM Library - Lots more manufacturer content is on its way. Also we have plans to enhance the generic content and add more scope. If you are interested in classification, the new set of curtain walling objects or are plans for objects for service engineering - please come over to speak to us.
  • NBS for Autodesk Revit - We have some big plans to integrate more closely with many of the software tools around BIM. But with respect to Revit - some teaser screenshots below...
    Those attending the Edinburgh Revit User Group saw an advance preview of this last week.
2.1 Reporting on linked objects...
List all linked objects - a single click allows any object to be quickly viewed in the model
2.2 Fixing problems...
If there is a problem - click the link and easily correct it
2.3 Specification generation...
Hard to find a nice screenshot for this one, but auto-generation of a sync-ed outline spec from the model
2.4 Easy addition of content...
Get the objects you want directly from within Revit - no need to go to a new website and download
So some exciting stuff. I'll also be looking forward to listening to Paul Morrell, Phil Bernstein and Malcolm Tucker. Finally, don't forget to print out your BIM Bingo cards before you set off!

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