Tuesday 13 November 2012

NBS Keynote Files

When annotating drawings there are a number of options available. The best of these is to use a specific NBS software solution. There are plug-ins now to both ArchiCAD and Revit. This allows annotations to be made that are relevant to the particular project. For example, it is extremely unlikely that there would only be one type of door specified.  So it is better to annotate from the project specification “L20/480 Doorset Type C” as opposed to the more vague “L20/480 Doorset”.

Equally with the software functionality annotations can be verified prior to issuing packages of drawings, schedules and specifications to check for any coordination issues.

More information on these software plug-ins may be found at:
- http://www.thenbs.com/products/coordinatingDrawingsSpecifications/

That said, we recognise that a number of practices would still like to work with the “keynote” style functionality on certain projects. At NBS we are happy to provide this to industry. Two downloads are available below:
  • NBS_UK_CAWs_2012.txt (462 KB)
    This file has all Common Arrangement listings and clause numbers. A screenshot is shown in Figure 1 below. This is two levels deep, for example L and then L10, the intermediate level of L1 is not included.
  • NBS_UK_Uniclass2_2012.txt (270 KB)
    This file has all Uniclass 2 Work Result listings and clause numbers. A screenshot is shown in Figure 2 below. This is three levels deep. In addition, only system outline clause titles and manufacturer product clause titles are included. This makes the file more concise as workmanship clause titles are excluded.
Figure 1 - Using CAWs for keynoting
Figure 2 - Using Uniclass 2 Work Results table for keynoting

The Keynote files here are tab separated ASCII text files. They can be opened in Microsoft Excel and converted to other formats to work with a user’s CAD platform of choice.

More information on CAWs and Uniclass2  can be found at:

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