Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Tomorrow I am at the RIBA Guerrilla Tactics CPD Day. There are sessions around "BIM and the RIBA Plan of Work", "BIM demystified", "Managing BIM Implementation", "Practice Stories" and the live BIM demonstration session that I am chairing.

All chartered members of the RIBA must take part in 35 hours of CPD, of which 20 hours is around the core curriculum topics.

What is interesting looking at the RIBACPD.com website is the number of BIM consultancies and software vendors that are now getting their material RIBA CPD certified. A quick glance shows@

If you are in the construction industry and want to learn more about  BIM then the material above has been RIBA assessed and is worth double points. It is also aligned to the RIBA core curriculm topics.

If you are a BIM consultant, software vendor or manufacturer with BIM content - more information on getting your training material RIBA CPD stamped can be found at the page below:

Over the next few years it is pretty certain that the "BIM explosion" will show little sign of slowing down. There is a fantastic opportunity here through the professional CPD network for those who want to learn and those who have the expertise to come together.

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